Fall Color Tours at Appleumpkin Festival

Fall Color Tours returns to Tecumseh in 2018.

This is the Fall Color Tours train ride, except Tecumseh's Appleumpkin Festival is all around you! Your launch point is the Tecumseh Appleumpkin Festival chock full of crafts, carnival rides, music, food carts, and lots of outdoor vendors.

Now for 2018, we are rethinking how we offer Appleumpkin service. We had tried a shorter run that allowed 5 trips instead of 3. Most people liked it, especially the extra 66% who were able to get tickets! However this train ran out of Clinton not Tecumseh. We're working on the same concept for the Appleumpkin festival to meet the very high demand. As we develop plans, we'll put the full collection of trains on the Fall Color Tours page. This page will talk about the Appleumpkin options.

The combination of the train ride and festival makes it the most popular of our Fall Color Tour rides, and departures sell out even sooner than the rest of the Color Tours! Reserve today.

DATES are October 13 and 14, 2016.

TIMES To Be Determined.

DEPARTS from DOWNTOWN TECUMSEH at location very close to downtown, at most 2 short city blocks away.

PARKING during the festival is throughout the downtown areas, so please add extra time to find parking and arrive at the corner 15 minutes before train departure.

TRAIN FARES:To Be Determined. Expect in the $13-20 range, about 40% less for kids. Includes service fees for online advance purchase. Walkup tickets lower; phone purchase slightly higher.

RESERVATIONS: Reserve here, watch your dates! See the main Fall Color Tours page for important notes. Tickets will appear on your credit card statement as Ticketbiscuit or Whistletix.

MOBILITY CHALLENGED persons should plan carefully before booking Appleumpkin. We'd love to have you, but it is in the middle of a street festival. Parking may be far away even with a placard. Please see our Accessibility page for more info.

TOURS AND GROUP DISCOUNTS are not available during Appleumpkin or any of the Fall Color Tours. Please see our Tour Groups web page for other events all season.

Bored with Tecumseh? Here are some other Plan B's.

  • Cabela's in nearby Dundee - the biggest outdoors store in the state. There's other shopping and dining in the area. Take M-50 east to US-23. It's only about 10 minutes out of your way if you're returning to metro Detroit or north.
  • Kapnick's Orchards - a feast of fruits, candies and donuts. Take M-50 a mile east of Tecumseh and turn south on Rogers Highway. Go south 3 miles, it's on the left before Sutton Road.