Making the most out of the Santa trains

Trains board at 320 S. Division St. - Clinton MI 49236. Click here for directions.

Expect a simple, enjoyable event

We are an all-volunteer railroad museum. Our train shows its age, but that wood is mahogany and that paint is original. You're riding in history! The restoration work is delicate and so it moves slowly.

Real railroads don't go in a loop... you ride out, and then you ride back. This rail line was laid 15 years before the Civil War.

Our event is not a big production. Our volunteers are hearty small town folk. You take a train ride, and see Santa! Simple as that. You see Santa near your car, so you don't have to wait to go back.

If you want a big "Disney style" experience, with an artificial village, modern replica train cars made of plywood... well, that's not us. But other outfits can offer you that.

There's a real village just 3 blocks away.

What to bring and wear

Our trains are only semi-heated, so come dressed for the weather.

What to do when you arrive

You don't need to show up too early - 15 minutes in advance is fine. But don't be late.

Find our location - it's just off downtown Clinton, turn left at Comerica bank. If you see a yard of old trains, you're in the right place. There is a depot, but don't go to it - board the train directly. If the train isn't there, it's still out on a run! Here is the boarding area.

If you bought tickets in advance, you're all set. Just check in with the conductor when you board. We know you are coming!

What else to do while you're here

You're only 3 blocks from downtown Clinton! There's Hometown Pizza, the Clinton Coney, or the classy but affordable Clinton Inn.

Doesn't fit? Try...

If you want a more Disney style extravaganza, check out Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn ($$$) or Crossroads Village in Flint ($).

Near Grand Rapids, try Coopersville and Marne in December. ($$$)

In Owosso, ride behind the ORIGINAL Polar Express engine, the great steamer #1225. Yes, it is numbered for Christmas - true story, ask them! ($$$$$)