No Santa in July for 2016

Though in 2015, we had July in December!

Our train has an "open-air car" - a 65 foot long pipe gondola. Normally, using it in the Santa Specials is out of the question. But this weekend, December 12-13, the weather looks gorgeous.

We are offering tickets in the gondola! Everything else is sold out.

We didn't plan this. We didn't even expect to use the car, and placed a generator in the car for Christmas lights. So we moved the generator to one end of the car, and you'll be sitting in the first section in the other end. We're limiting tickets to less than 20.

Tickets are refundable for weather in case the unexpected comes up.

That's the nutshell. Santa Specials, plus open air, loud generator and refundable for weather.

For full details of the event, see the main event page.